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Corney Klassen

senior men's pond hockey

Peter Funk

senior men's pond hockey

Ron Woodcock

senior men's pond hockey



Pond Hockey Alumnus

senior men's pond hockey John Hartig: I played for 4 months, not long, but enough to earn a spot, as a pond hockey alumnus, at the West Hill Bar and Grill for a pizza and beer every week. I was never a hot-shot on the ice, and Peter forgave me for falling 4 times the first time I tried out, so that play had to stop. I hadn't been on skates for 25 years before that. Over the past few years, I enjoyed just coming out watching the occasional game and going for pizza afterwards and hearing the guys talk either sports or politics. Maybe we will solve world peace yet!

As to myself, I've had a varied career. I was a newspaper reporter in Chilliwack, B.C., and later an editor for a small-town paper in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I spent a year as an apprentice electrician, but quit after a back injury put an end to that trade for me. I became a high-school teacher for some years. Then in retirement, I photographed a few weddings with some nice results for my clients. In the year 2000, I acquired a diploma in Corporate Communications since some people are of the opinion that I can write. In 2007, I acquired yet another educated piece of paper, a Webmaster's Certificate from night school at Mohawk College.

I continue to photograph scenery in the Niagara Region with my little Canon pocket zoom camera, and I continue to design and also host my own websites. Over the last three years, I've became an author, now in 2018 publishing my third novel, Duplicity, through Austin MacCauley Publishers in London, England. Duplicity is about an RCMP outpost in Crooked Harbour, Newfoundland, where Sgt. Benton Wright keeps the peace with his two other officers, short-staffed as they are. Like gas prices and the cost of eggs, funding is an issue. You can check out my novel on this website, or if you wish to buy a copy, I am expecting a box of books from my Publisher by May 2018, so I can sell them to friends for a mere $20 per copy [signed at that!]

So, John's life is full. Niagara scenery photos, Niagara web design, Canadian author...and hanging out with the pond hockey guys for a pizza and beer on a Wednesday or Friday afternoon.

If any of you guys have an inclination to write a brief biograph or a summary of whatever your enjoyments and hobbies are, I'll include that as an extra item down here on this page.

You can  E-mail me, your bio if you wish, and I will put it with your picture down here.

I hope this turns out to be a lovely web page with a nice list of all the companiable people still playing senior pond hockey..

Yours truly


senior men's pond hockey Peter Funk: Hockey has been one of my favourite sports to play. I didn,t even own a pair of skates until I was about 12 yrs old, after coming to Ontario, from Northern Alberta. Moving around in those years with my family and coming to Thorold was where I soon began playing at the Minor hockey level. Here I found something that I really enjoyed.


After high school I began playing in the city’s Sportsmans league. When the new arena opened in Jordan, an Oldtimers league was formed by Al Kellog. I played in this league for many years. At this time my own boys started playing hockey and so I began a coaching career . I was coaching my own sons and then later my grandsons. Many a Friday evening was spent playing hockey at the old Garden City Arena in St.Catharines During this time a Church league was formed in Beamsville which was quite a competitive league and there I was able to play along with my sons and later coached our Church team. Now I go to watch my Great-grandsons play hockey but I’m not involved in the coaching anymore. Toward the end of my years as a coach in the Jordan Minor Hockey Organization, I was awarded the “Coach of the year” trophy. This was very humbling.


Playing Pond Hockey has been fun for me. I am greatful for the effort and time Peter Goehle has put into organizing this program for us. I enjoy the camaraderie and it gets me the exercise I need at this age...I’ll be 83 this fall! I did have a little blip just at the end of last season when I had a heart attack while playing. But 4 stents later and with some time off in the summer and an exercise program, the Doctor gave me the okay to come back in September.


I think it's important to keep exercising regularly in some kind of activity and doing something one enjoys, as long as one is able. I thank God for giving me this opportunity and health to play in the Pond Hockey League.



Peter Funk


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