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Senior Men's Pond Hockey

- Fort Erie-


No Slap-shots necesssary!

Red Green Show Man's Prayer:
"I am a man. I can change if I have to. I guess.
Handy-man's Motto: "If you can't fix it, use Duct Tape!"




Harry van der Lely

senior men's pond hockey




Pond Hockey Alumnus

senior men's pond hockey John Hartig: If any of you guys have an inclination to write a brief biography or a summary of whatever your enjoyments and hobbies are, I'll include that as an extra item.

You can  E-mail me, your bio if you wish, and I will put it with your picture down here.

I hope this turns out to be a lovely web page with a nice list of all the companiable people still playing senior men's pond hockey..

Yours truly


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