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I think every website should have a Links Page. It's like a peace accord among nations, and hand-shake across distances, friendships made and maintained. Links to other sites have their rewards by bringing an exchange of business from one site to another, like walking over to see what's in the other store.

My Links 1 is links within Canada of websites which are favoured by yours truly, namely my other sites like or There's also my former senior pond hockey buddies like "" and Granny's Antiques in Vineland, ""

My Links 2 page is links outside of Canada. I'm glad I struck up an internet friendship with an Israeli photographer some years ago who lives in Tel Aviv, Dubi Roman, at "" He and I are both photographers. He manipulates his picture taking to that his landscapes and flowers end up looking like something an imressionistic painter might have created. I'm simpler than that in my style, I just take lovely scenery pictures.

Actually I created the Landing Page because I needed to get rid of the wordiness in the navigation bar, reducing "Links Inside Canada" and "Links Outside Canada" into one heading, Links. So there you have it. Welcome to Links; I hope the Landing wasn't too hard on this page. Btw. that's what geeks call such a page as this, which is an introductory page to a dropdown list, and therefore a landing page. Don't forget to check out the dropdown to Links 1 [inside Canada] and Links 2[outside of Canada].



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