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we discuss it, while we puddle! "


Great Canadians By Lubomir Cekota:
The main reason why we moved to St. Catherines is the daily “Morning Rejuvenation” that happens in the warm waters of Kiwanis Senior Pool. I retired 11 years ago after working as an Educator with Special Needs Children. I felt burned out after giving my best to so many needy children for more than 30 years. Moving from the busy GTA to the quieter city of my Student days at Brock Teacher’s College made the transition a right move.

The above 90 degrees Fahrenheit pool water temperature has a positive healing effect on both body and soul. My arthritis is gone and the opportunity to talk with good friends never ends. 

We discuss the problems of our Canadian Society and the World and feel so much better because we know that we could do much better than our useless Leaders like Justin Trudeau and Canadian Liberals who mean well but accomplish so little with our Taxpayer Money.

While Canadians endure long waits in the Emergency Rooms and Hospital “Hallways Care”, our leaders waste billions of dollars on cancelled power plants and U. N. vote buying through Wasted Foreign Aid. If our Politicians had any brains instead of misguided ideologies, they would spend taxpayer money primarily on badly needed Services for Canadians like Health Care, Transportation Improvements, Lower Housing Costs, and reduction of Government Waste.

The latest example of our Government Stupidity is their careless attitude to Corona Virus spreading from China. Our Health Specialists are more concerned with being politically correct than protecting Canadians who do not give a damn about where the disease comes from rather than being protected from it. When you watch the News, The Chief Medical Officer talks more like an employee of Communist China than a doctor. If I was a journalist, I would ask her if she was on the payroll of Chinese Ministry of Propaganda. The daily blatant Chinese lies never stop as they feel no shame regarding the imprisonment in concentration Re-Education Camps of millions of Uighur minority people in Northern China. The same goes for the two Canadian Hostages kept in brutal jail conditions. And what does our Liberal Government do about it ?  Nothing, a total failure by politicians with no moral values, and absolutely no guts !

   If we could, the Kiwanis group would fix all the World Problems in a snap. However, most of all, we would fix our problems in Canada first so that our Citizens would have better lives. It is wonderful that I feel this way about Canada, a country I truly love and care for. My transformation from coming here as a young Political Refugee from a Dictatorial Communist Country of birth is now complete.  I feel free to say and do what I want whenever I want. Don’t let our Politicians take this freedom away from us.

*Resource: "Lu's Say"


Kiwanis Pool Gang | John Hartig Tribute John Hartig: "I don't just swim; I puddle," he says. John was a baby boomer, in fact one of the first, born just after World War II in 1946 in the little village of Asten, Austria. No! He does not know how to yodel, though in the early days you could hear him holler for his baby bottle several barracks down. As an infant, John knew what it was like living in a refugee camp with army barracks which housed all nationalities of people [displaced persons, DPs] who had fled the ravages of war. John had rheumatic fever and tuberculosis when he was a kid.

When he was 8, his family moved to Canada, an 11 day trip by sea across the stormy Atlantic in November 1954. John remembers getting off the old steam locomotive at the Kitchener Train Station, bundled up in a heavy winter coat and a hat with ear flaps. This was Canada! He soon learned English at the feet of a nun, a scowling sister, who made him repeat words with pictures in a book. John remembers Dick and Jane, and "Look at Spot! Look at Spot run!" In 1972, John earned a Masters in English Literature from McMaster University in Hamilton.

At the beginning of his tortuous search for employment, John became a news reporter for a small town paper, first in Chilliwack, B.C. and later in Grande Prairie, Alberta. His background also includes being an electrical apprentice for one year, until his back gave out, and then becoming a high-school teacher. Ever on the move to new things, he acquired a diploma in Corporate Communications from Sheridan College in 2000, and later in 2007, acquired a Webmaster's Certificate from Mohawk College night school.

After John retired, he tried wedding photography for a bit, which did not exactly blossom into a business, though he enjoyed the activity and got some pretty nice photos for his sporadic clients. Now, John continues with scenery photography and keeps himself busy with designing and hosting his own websites, which he considers an expression of art. And oh yes, he has also become a fledgling author, writing his third novel about an RCMP outpost in Newfoundland where Sgt. Benton Wright maintains the peace in the little town of Crooked Harbour. Duplicity is now available online. OR better yet, you can get it directly from John, signed, at a mere cost of $20.

Well, there you have it! All you need to know about John.

And what about you?

E-mail me with a little summary of your life, ambitions, hobbies, philosophies, whatever!
I can put your bio with your photo down here, sort of a special place for us.

I hope this turns out to be a lovely web page with a nice list of all the companiable people puddling at the Kiwanis public pool.

*Resource: John's Comment


Kiwanis Pool Gang | John Hartig Tribute Dan Baarda:  I've been retired for the last 9 years and coming to the pool for the last 5 years.  My working life was in the trades and supervising the last 10 years before retiring. Now that I have time I volunteer at the Mission Thrift store and doing minor renovations and painting. Enjoy visiting historic sites while traveling  Especially enjoy the Niagara Region in the summer and we usually stay in the area and do most of our travels during the winter months (love the sun and warmth) That's about it  for now .

Thanks Dan

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