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A Crooked Harbour Murder Mystery

New Canadian Novel A Sgt. Benton Wright Crime Novel
New Canadian novel by John Hartig investigates the " Duplicity" which can hide in the hearts of people. The story takes place in Crooked Harbour, a seemingly straight-forward little town innocently nestled on the west coast of Newfoundland. Crooked Harbour is made up of a bunch of little houses, two churches, “the Indian quarter” [what everybody in town calls, “the Reserve”] and an RCMP outpost sworn to uphold the peace in the community. When the fishing and logging industries quit decades ago, a lot of people moved out. And then the Lucky Strike Mining Company found gold in the region north-east of town bringing a lot of people back in looking for work.

Sergeant Benton Wright thinks that an economic boom is not necessarily a good thing for a little town. The police department, manned by only three officers, already has its hands full, trying to keep up with the abuse in a seniors’ home, poachers on the Indian side of town, teenage drunkenness, a car theft and the usual break and entry.

What they don’t need now is the town’s first murder! Which is exactly what happenst! A teenager, recently released from juvenile detention, is accused of the crime...except he didn’t do it! The real killer hides behind a mask of respectability. How will his duplicity be uncovered? And how will the real killer be brought to justice?

The New Canadian Novel "Duplicity" by Niagara Author, John Hartig, is published by Austin MacCauley, a British Publisher in April, 2018.

P.S. Duplicity is now available online. Check out the link to Purchase Novels.
I hope you enjoy the book.

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New Canadian Novel

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