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Note: John Hartig is retired, and this tribute to Great Canadians is a hobby for him. If there are any photos which have copyright issues, let me know and I will promptly remove them. This website intends to promote Canadians of all sorts, some of whom are famous, and many of whom are not famous. Ordinary and average Canadians make up the better part of our society. Let's praise famous people, certainly, but also the ordinary ones for being great Canadians!

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Great Canadians | John Hartig Tribute


- Tribute to Great Canadians -

Photo: Courtesy Darryl Chapman

Great Canadians | John Hartig Tribute Note by John Hartig:
This website is my personal tribute to Canadians who are regular citizens. I was sworn in as a Canadian citizen myself at the age of 21. I still remember my parents, myself and my sister, [former refugees from Austria after the war] standing in front of the judge at the City Hall in Kitchener swearing allegiance to her royal majesty, Queen Elizabeth. I enjoyed the coffee and doughnuts afterwards. My chance at a university education and my chance for employment came from Canada. Thank you!

I moved to Canada from Austria at the age of eight in 1954. Austria was devasted after World War II and offered few opportunities. Canada was in a building boom. English came quickly after being called a Nazi by some Polish kids at my elementary schoo in Kitchenerl. I am multi-lingual, speaking English, German and French fluently.

I earned an M.A. in English Literature from McMaster University in 1972. My work history includes being the editor of a community newspaper, a high-school teacher, an electrical apprentice, a web designer and a wedding photographer.

I design websites and photograph scenery to keep busy during my retirement years.

My favourite pastimes include watching old black and white movies. Humphrey Bogart, Dirk Bogarde, Jack Hawkins and Leslie Howard are among my favourite actors. I am an avid murder mystery buff, especially novels by Dorothy Gilman, Rhys Bowen, and lately Deborah Crombie, all ladies! When I need a macho fix I will read Lee Child. Nothing like Jack Reacher beating up bad guys and then leaving town. I confess that, years ago, I was hooked on Star-Trek novels. I even liked the Next Generation and Jean-Luc Picard. Before that detour into Sci-Fi, I was into The Hardy Boys, until a neighbour said, "Why don't you grow up, John! Move on to something more sophisticated!" Wanting to evolve, I moved on into a higher class of books, but I still have a soft spot for Frank and Joe Hardy.

To sum up, I've had a varied career. As a fledgling author in Vineland, I hope someday to be known as a good Canadian author. I also hope to continue with a few more deeds and accomplishments to stretch my biography out just a little bit more, which is my strategy in keeping time's winged chariot at bay!

P.S. Read the summary of my third murder mystery novel: Duplicity


Great Canadians | John Hartig Tribute


John's Computer and Photo Hobby

*My images are available for brochures, calendars, posters, bill-boards and other websites. I'm glad I'm retired though, and don't have to rely on my hobby to make a living,

Great Canadians | John Hartig Tribute

Great Canadians | John Hartig Tribute

Great Canadians