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Great Canadians"The Cavalcade of Great Canadians" does not have to be a website for great athletes, movie stars, artists or musicians! Great Canadians may not even have names of renown. Just be average Canadians who in their own way contribute to our society. This includes my Senior Pond Hockey buddies, my friends at the Kiwanis Pool, and people in general, whom I know personally. I list people in this website and honour them, who truly make up the fabric of this nation, ordinary people, who, in their own quiet way are "great Canadians". I'm talking about retired people, volunteers, moms and dads, office workers, and business people, hockey buddies and swimming friends, good citizens all, who make up a solid foundation for Canadian society. We have a reputation, as a nation, of being kind, not pushy, not loud, and not aggressive. I hope Canada preserves this special identity. "Thank-you kindly," should be our national motto!

It always astonishes me what our Canadians have accomplished in the world though, out of a nation that's ranked thirty-eigth in population with 37.5 million people, compared to the United States, ranked third in population with 324 million people, which is almost 10 times the number of people in Canada! We are not too shabby in talent and accomplishment, considering our modest population is spread across such a huge geography, from coast to coast to coast. So, with that in mind, I am dedicating this website, not to the celebrities at the top, but to all the little people who do great and wonderful work in our society. Hopefully, sprinkling this website with the names of average citizens and retired people, whom I know personally, as friends and unsung heroes, will demonstrate the depth and breath of our excellent country -- our Canada.

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Great Canadians | Tribute to Canadians

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Great Canadians | Tribute to Canadians

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