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Great Canadians John Hartig is an author living in the cozy little village of Vineland. He has become a novelist since his retirement several years ago in order to keep time's winged chariot at bay. His other pursuits include niagara web design and niagara scenery photography. He boasts of being one or two of Vineland's finest authors, but then there are only one or two of us in Vineland. John writes short stories, poems and murder mystery fiction. He hopes that someday he may be known beyond the cozy little confines of Vineland and become known as a truly enjoyable Canadian author. His third book, Duplicity, is coming out in Spring of 2018. It deals with an RCMP outpost nestled in the little town of Crooked Harbour, in Newfoundland, where Sgt. Benton Wright and his staff of two try to keep the peace, though understaffed.

You can check out John's official website at

Publication History:
1. Poem by John Hartig p.43, "I Walked To Kenny’s Grave Today", Solitude: A Collection Of New Canadian Poetry, publ. 2009, Polar Expressions Publishing, Maple Ridge, BC.
2. Poem by John Hartig, "Songs Of Innocence and Experience", The Journey: A Collection Of New Canadian Poetry, publ. 20010, Polar Expressions Publishing, Maple Ridge, BC.
3. Short story by John Hartig, "Coffee Break", Formation: New Canadian Short Stories, publ. 2010, Polar Expressions Publishing, Maple Ridge, BC.
4. Short story by John Hartig, "Courage Getting Old", From Across The River, publ. 2011, Poetry Institute of Canada, Victoria B.C.
5. Centre Page Photo Spread: Our Canada: A Country for All Seasons, "Spring Blossoms in Niagara-on-the-Lake," publ. 2012
6. Photo Design Ad Published: ARABELLA, Magazine Publication of Canadian Art, Architecture and Design, "Spring Awakenings 2012 Edition" Full page photo ad for Granny's Boot Antiques in Vineland,"Unique Folk Art, Vibrant and Alive!"John Hartig Photos.


Great Canadians Craig Davidson is a Canadian author of short stories and novels, who has published work under both his own name and the pen names Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter. His style has been compared to that of Chuck Palahniuk.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, he was raised in Calgary and St. Catharines.

He currently resides in Toronto with his partner, Colleen, and their child. On May 6, 2014, Joe Rogan hosted Craig on his podcast called "Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (JRE Podcast)".

His first short story collection, Rust and Bone, was later published in September 2005 by Penguin Books Canada, and was a finalist for the 2006 Danuta Gleed Literary Award. Stories in Rust and Bone have also been adapted into a play by Australian playwright Caleb Lewis and a film by French director Jacques Audiard.

Davidson also released a novel in 2007 named The Fighter. During the course of his research of the novel, Davidson went on a 16-week steroid cycle. To promote the release of the novel, Davidson participated in a fully sanctioned boxing match against Toronto poet Michael Knox at Florida Jack's Boxing Gym; for the novel's subsequent release in the United States, his publisher organized a similar promotional boxing match against Jonathan Ames. Davidson lost both matches.

His 2013 novel Cataract City was named as a shortlisted nominee for the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

In addition to his literary fiction, Davidson has also published several works of horror literature using the pseudonyms Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter. 2014 released the thriller novel The Troop and The Deep.

Davidson he was short-listed for the Scotiabank Giller Prize in 2013 for Cataract City. He wrote Vehicles in 2012 under a pseudonym, Patrick Lestewka. As Nick Cutter, he wrote The Acolyte in 2015 and Little Heaven in 2017.

Davidson's website is There his introduction reads::

Greetings, Lonely Travelers,
Welcome to my little corner of the 'Net. First off, I must let you know I am neither the Craig Davidson who runs the chain of UK hairdressers, nor the Craig Davidson who plays scrum-half for the Springbok rugby squad. If you've come here looking for tips on streaking your bangs or with enquiries as to how to pitch a rugby ball in a tight spiral, I am afraid you've come to the wrong place.



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