Canada's Walk of Fame Tribute

Canadian Hall of Fame TributeCanadians have a lot to be proud of. We were born in 1867 as a Confederation. Going back a bit, we could have become Americans in the War of 1812 were it not for the bravery of General Isaac Brock and the loyalty of Laura Secord [and her unheralded cow]. And going forward a bit to the First World War, the Dominion of Canada won the respect of other nations in various battles on French soil, notably Vimy Ridge in 1917, and to this day, Canada owns a part of France which gave us part of their soil as a tribute to keeping the French nation free from German aggression in those early years of the 20 th century. How the roles of good guys and bad guys have changed throughout history!

In all that time, since those "early days", Canadians have become famous in all sorts of fields, and shine in their contributions nationally and internationally, in literature, art, sports and research. This website came as a springboard off another idea which was originally provincially based -- so why not make it a national venture? At first I thought of including only accomplished Canadians in this Cavalcade of famous people, but then I had to at least make some comment about all the Canadians who have not yet been recognized as accomplished but who have contributed to this country, nevertheless, as volunteers and hard-working ordinary folks, who have never reached fame, fortune or accomplishment, hockey-moms and factory dads, office workers, and business people, who simply are good citizens -- which is the core of what makes a country great. We are a nation of unsung heroes. Maybe that's why we have a repution in the world as a kind and courteous people, not pushy, and aggressive. "Thank-you kindly," could be our national motto. It's always astonishing to me what our Canadians have accomplished in the world though, out of a nation that's ranked thirty-eigth with its 37.5 million people, compared to the United States, ranked as third with a population almost 10 times as much as Canada at 324 million people. We are not too shabby in talent and accomplishment, considering our modest population size. Unfortunately, this website cannot recognize all the little people who do such good work in this country. Hopefully, highlighting the number of famous names in different fields will demonstrate the depth and breath of the excellence within this country of Canada.

John Hartig

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Canadian Hall of Fame Tribute