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Note: John Hartig is retired, and this tribute to Great Canadians is a hobby for him. If there are any photos which have copyright issues, let me know and I will promptly remove them. This website intends to promote Canadians of all sorts, some of whom are famous, and many of whom are not famous. Ordinary and average Canadians make up the better part of our society. Let's praise famous people, certainly, but also the ordinary ones for being great Canadians!

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Great Canadians | Tribute to Canadians


Great Canadians


Great CanadiansUsually one thinks of "Great" Canadians as having earned a big name. We think of the "Walk of Fame" located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (in French: "Allé des clbrits canadiennes"). It acknowledges Canadians, who are highly accomplished in all walks of life. The Walk of Fame was established in 1998. Canadian celebrities and achievers have their stars embedded in the streets, just outside the head office at 317 Adelaide St W #1002, Toronto, ON M5V 1P9. Last I heard, The Walk of Fame had 168 inductees in it. But they are all truly famous names known on the national and international scene!

Canadians have a lot to be proud of. We were born in 1867 as a Confederation. Going back a bit, we could have become Americans in the War of 1812 were it not for the bravery of General Isaac Brock and the loyalty of Laura Secord [and her unheralded cow]. And going forward a bit to the First World War, the Dominion of Canada won the respect of other nations in various battles on French soil, notably Vimy Ridge in 1917, and to this day, Canada owns a part of France which gave us part of their soil as a tribute to keeping the French nation free from German aggression in those early years of the 20 th century. How the roles of nations change! Their politics, their geography and their morals! The bad guys of yesterday become the good guys of today. Since those "early days", Canadians have become famous in all walks of life: medicine, literature, art, sports and even research in outer space.

In my former version of a Cavalcade of Great Candians, I included only famous Canadians, like Lorne Green, Mike Pearson, Lucie Payette and Margaret Atwood. Then I had a reality check. I received a threatening letter from a company in Toronto which said that I had infringed upon the copyright of a head and shoulder image of a Canadian-born actor; therefore, they wanted $800 in compensation for using that image on my website. I didn't know what to do. I e-mailed that company and explained that I was a retired guy and that creating websites like Cavalcade of Great Canadians was just a hobby for me. They e-mailed me back: "Case closed." I was relieved and took the website off the air. But there had been so much work in this project! What a waste! I was especially proud of the fact that I had made the site mobile friendly, something I only learned last year. I still don't have a cell-phone myself!

I resuscitated a new version of my Cavalcade of Great Canadians in 2018. Who needs a Cavalcade of famous Canadian names anyway? I removed all the movie stars, athletes and famous authors, and listed instead names I knew personally of average Canadians who have never become known nationally or internationally, and who nevertheless, belong to a true tribute to Great Canadians. This includes mostly my senior pond hockey buddies, my friends at the Kiwanis pool, and people in general, whom I know personally, who have given me permission to use their photographs and their biographies in this new website about average great Canadians. No extortion letter here for copyright infringement because most of these pictures were either contributed by my friends or photos actually taken by myself. In this way, I list people who truly make up the fabric of this nation, ordinary people, who, in their own quiet way are "great Canadians". I'm talking about retired people, volunteers, moms and dads, office workers, and business people, hockey buddies and swimming friends, good citizens all, who make up a solid foundation for Canadian society. We have a reputation, as a nation, of being kind, not pushy, not loud, and not aggressive. I hope Canada preserves this special identity. "Thank-you kindly," should be our national motto!

It always astonishes me what our Canadians have accomplished in the world though, out of a nation that's ranked thirty-eigth in population with 37.5 million people, compared to the United States, ranked third in population with 324 million people, which is almost 10 times the number of people in Canada! We are not too shabby in talent and accomplishment, considering our modest population is spread across such a huge geography, from coast to coast to coast. So, with that in mind, I am dedicating this website, not to the celebrities at the top, but to all the little people who do great and wonderful work in our society. Hopefully, sprinkling this website with the names of average citizens and retired people, whom I know personally, as friends and unsung heroes, will demonstrate the depth and breath of our excellent country -- our Canada.

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Great Canadians | Tribute to Canadians

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